Inflammation is the foundation of all disease.

Think of acids of causing a rusting affect in your body just as rust does to metal. Acidic pH will cause every cell in your body to break down much quicker creating accelerating aging and disease. Everybody without exception that has a disease will have body fluids that are to acid.

As acids break up cellular function, it is like getting hurt, your body gets inflamed. Water will surround the wounded cells so as to keep the acids diluted. You can think of inflammation as fire.

I would ask my patients, “would you put out a fire with coffee, soda or water?” So does it not make sense if you were in pain and inflamed to drink more water instead of soda?

If you were inflamed without getting hurt could it be from an acid condition? Then the next common sense thing to do is to drink not only water but alkaline water to help buffer the acidic condition that you are in and help the body to heal.

Santevia, in my opinion, puts out the best, most affordable products to filter and alkalize your tap water that I have seen. See for yourself. Many of our customers have purchased their products and I have never had one complaint.

Here are some of the testimonies that I have received in our store from our customers:

  • After drinking alkaline water from my filter my toe fungus disappeared that I have had for years.
  •  My son had the flu and couldn’t keep fluids down he was about to go to the ER when I brought him some water from my Alkaline pitcher and he was able to keep it down and didn’t go to the ER.
  • Many customers have commented that they stayed well avoiding colds and flu over the winter.

Check our Santevia Products HERE for the best purest alkaline water at your finger tips.
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