The Most Comprehensive 
NO FAIL PROGRAM ever Devised!

Addressing Every Reason Why You Cannot or
     Have Not Reached Your Ideal Weight
        Tuesday Sept 10th 7:00-8:30pm

            Our No Fail Program
1. Identify why you failed in the past
2. Targets all the reasons for weight gain or for being stuck at your present weight
3. FREE WICO score to find 15 target areas that maybe underlying factors.   
4. Methods to detox your fat cells that work, to shrink your fat levels faster.
5. Reduce nervous system stress
6. Tips to retrain your brain for success
7. So Much More
                 $40.00 per person
 Conducted By: Dr. Betty-Ann Peters
            Receive: $170.00 Value
WICO score                                $75.00
Dr. Consult                                  $50.00
Body wrap                                  $30.00
Flip Flop Effect Book                 $15.00
Held at:
Wausau Wellness Center
512 S 17th Ave Wausau, WI. 54401
715 849 1299

Spots are Limited Must Register & Pre Pay to Hold Your Seat

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