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         We at Wausau Wellness Center are very excited about our new health and wellness system! We pride ourselves in keeping you up to date with the most integrative equipment and products to bring about health and wellness to our patients. 

The Bax Aura BioVeda is a system, which performs substance specific stress measurement on the Autonomic Nervous System. The organs of our body, such as the heart, stomach, and intestines, are regulated by a part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). 

The ANS is part of the peripheral nervous system and it controls many organs and muscles within the body. In most situations, we are unaware of the workings of the ANS because it functions in an involuntary, reflexive manner.

There is a known relationship between stress, and the body's ability to conduct electricity. As stress fluctuates, so does resistance within the body's electrical circuitry. These measurements are made as the patient is exposed to specific potential stress inducing substances by way of frequencies to determine what may be influencing the patient's health and wellness.

The substance exposure is made possible by the brains ability to interpret and differentiate frequencies, which are used to stimulate the nervous system as a presentation of the actual substance. Because the nervous system is capable of identifying the frequency of a substance such as an apple it is possible to determine which substances can cause autonomic nervous system mediated responses during real world exposures. 

The Bax Aura transposes the frequencies from a digital format, as they are housed in the software, to a radio frequency. During an assessment, The Bax Aura systematically exposes the patient to each individual substance, one at a time, while simultaneously measuring resistance. The entire process is safe, effective and FAST.

Thousands of frequencies are housed in a virtual library in the Bax Aura. The library isn't just a list of allergens, or foods, or inhalants... it's a list of ANYTHING that can cause a reaction in the human body including components of the human body itself, and because we are all different, just about anything can cause a reaction.

Remember...we aren't looking for an allergy, or a sensitivity, or any item with a specific label... we are looking for whatever may be a stressor, causing autonomic nervous system mediated response, for each individual patient. 

Autonomic nervous system mediated responses can be the underlying trigger for just about anything that a person would seek professional care for. While we don't recommend discontinuing traditional care, many doctors are surprised to learn the Bax Aura can help relieve just about every complaint.

It has been well documented that allergies can be developed when the brain associates a substance with a trauma. We also mentioned how allergic reactions can be eliminated if the brain stops associating the substance with the trauma.

This is how Substance Specific Stress Reduction works... The patient demonstrates a stress reaction to a substance frequency during assessment. That frequency is then emitted during therapy as a light frequency, embedded in the laser beam itself. The light energy causes the release of endorphins and enkephalins, which is a positive stimulus. The brain will associate the substance with the positive stimulus... which breaks the old association between the substance and trauma, stopping the stress response. The net result: the autonomic nervous system mediated response is eliminated. 

Symptoms GONE! In these instances, the endorphins and enkephalins actually retrain the autonomic nervous system to not become stressed during real world exposure... the goal... to maintain normal function when exposed to the substance. 

Any symptom can be an autonomic nervous system response. These symptoms can manifest as subtle as congestion or a disease. It really doesn't matter how you label it, it is the same process and can be reversed.

These concepts at first seem like revelations, but when you have a chance to think about it you realize that this is really just common sense.

We would be glad to set up an appointment with you to help begin your journey to health and wellness.

Healthfully Yours

Dr. Betty-Ann Peters NDPhys.    

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