Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

BHRT: Up Close and Personal Now it makes sense!   

1. Your body makes hormones, right? YES  

2. When your body has the right balance of hormones you feel excellent, right? YES, You not only feel excellent, but you look great, you have a lot of energy, confidence, feel well rested, have better outlook on life, in short, you have the world in the palm of your hand. 

Now what happens when you combine, stress that pushes your buttons, silent, dangerous and very potent chemical hormones in your food, water and air and you are getting older which means you are accumulating, over the years, those button pushing stresses and dangerous chemicals??? 

Your wonderful hormone balance starts to be not so wonderful. You notice your sleep isn’t so deep, relaxing or restoring. You need an extra cup or two of caffeine, sugar, or starches; or all, to get you going and keep you going. Your moods are less patient and a little depressive. Your memory is starting to scare you. Your skin doesn’t glow like it used to. Your breasts don’t have a good full feeling. You notice a little acne and few facial hairs that shouldn’t be there. 

The pounds are creeping up and naturally, you aren’t looking forward to sex like you used to. Top it all off with PMS and an irregular period accom­panied by breast tenderness from about mid-cycle, relieved only with a heavy and maybe painful menstrual flow. Could hormones do all of that?  YES and a whole lot more!!!  

3. Would you like to leave Hormone Hell and return to Hormone Heaven? YES You’ll be happy to know that you can get back your balanced Hormones safely. All you need to do is to accurately test your hormones and then take the exact hormones that you are missing, not some weird chemical hormones that your body wouldn’t make on its own and would be quite upset if you swallowed them. For sure diet, exercise and stress management are important to the process.  

4. Bio-Identical Hormones have been used world wide by thousands of responsible, licensed doctors for the last 45 years. These doctors have refused to prescribe “strange” to the body chemicals sold as “hormones”, we have all known people stricken by them and have heard what the research has said about them and the diseases that they cause. 

The Hormone Healthy Diet                                                    

RED MEAT Diet plays a major role in both causing breast cancer, prostate cancer and other hormone related cancers and its recurrence and in supporting a men and women who are currently actively fight­ing the disease. 

According to the World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences, seventy-five percent of all cancers are diet-related. And the National Cancer Institute of the United States recently stated that seventy percent of all breast cancer deaths are avoidable through dietary change. There is a tremendous amount of research showing that diet impacts breast cancer. Red meat is a definite a risk factor for developing breast cancer.

The British Journal of Cancer (2007) studied nearly 34,000 women. Those who ate 2 ounces of red meat a day had a fifty-six percent increased risk of breast cancer, and those who ate the most processed meat had a sixty-four percent greater risk                                

We know that a high animal protein diet can raise our hormone level of prolactin and certain breast cancers that are not particularly estrogen-sensitive, are sensitive to prolactin. That’s a hormone that will stimulate breast cancer growth. That appeared in the Cancer Research Journal in 1977, and the Journal of Endocrinology in 1983. Also, bovine growth hormones (BGH), known as zeranol or Ralgro, have been added to our meat supply since about the 1950s. We see a parallel rise in breast cancer in this country and other countries that allow those hormones.  Is there anything good to say about red meat? Maybe; if it is free range, grass fed and does not get hormone injections or come in contact with other chemicals, then once in a while, it will be fine. Cows, even free range cows have growth hormones that turn 50 pound calves into 1,200 pound cows and bulls. Those hormones are pretty potent stuff causing everything not nailed down to be pushed to grow and grow. That potent stuff is not something you want bathing your hormone sensi­tive tissues. 

Hormone Imbalance and Insulin Resistance Insulin resistance, also known as Syndrome X, refers to the failure of the tissues to respond to insulin and allow glucose uptake for energy production. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and is responsible for carrying glucose from the blood­stream into our cells where it is used for fuel. Good health and energy depends upon the body’s ability to make and use just the right amount of insulin to keep our blood sugar at optimal levels and our metabolism working normally. 

Every cell of the body has insulin receptor sites that allow insulin to open the door so that glucose can enter the cell. But, over time when the body builds up enough glucose, or too much, usually from over con­sumption of sugars and carbohydrates, the receptor sites simply won’t accept any more, in effect the door is closed. What’s happening here is that the receptors for insulin are losing their ability to respond to the overload of insulin, So, blood levels of insulin stay high and the condition of insulin resistance develops, in which more and more insulin is poured out because of high sugar in the blood, to less and less effect. 

Eventually if neither the body tissues or the pancreas can keep up with the blood sugar load – Diabetes results. In general, insulin and blood sugar levels stay normal on a diet of unrefined whole foods that include complex carbs like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Alcohol, sugary and starchy food such as cookies, baked goods, candy, sweet drinks and white bread, processed foods (which in fact are quickly turned into sugar in the body) triggering a rush of insulin. People with poor diets and low exercise often develop insu­lin resistance.

During peri-menopause, as women age, due to hormonal changes they tend toward decreased total muscle mass and increased body fat, regardless of body weight. This sets the stage for insulin resistance and a host of health and hormonal problems associated with it. In fact a diet high in refined carbohydrates makes all peri-menopausal problems worse because of its adverse effect on hormone balance. It reinforces the tendency toward mid-section obesity which in turn favors overproduction of estrogen and testosterone which in turn leads to excessive levels of these hormones which in turn leads to increased risk factors for breast cancer as well as polycystic ovaries. 

The elevated insulin and abnormal hormones are also responsible for sugar craving, facial hair, scalp hair loss and acne. All of this can be avoided or treated healthily if already present using the holistic BHRT approach.  


Blood testing is a very accurate way to test many things like blood sugar and liver function but when it comes to testing hormones, there is a technical problem. Understanding what the blood hormone test tells us will make the difference between treatment success and treatment failure. 

Blood hormone testing combines the active and inactive form of the hormone in the one number given as the test result. We need to know what the level of the active hormone by itself is to under­stand the true situation.                                                                                                           

Saliva testing is the only way to get the pure amount of active hormone measured. The salivary glands act as a filter keeping the big inactive hormones out and only allows in the small active hor­mones. Therefore the hormones in the saliva are only the active form.  Also, we want to know, what level of hormones are in the tissues. 

The blood vessels are tubes carry­ing the hormones outside of the tissues. It does not correspond at all that the amount of hormones in the blood vessels is the same as the amount of hormones in the tissues. These are two essential reasons why, if you want to treat your hormone imbalance, that saliva hormone testing is a must.

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