Toronto Canada, where my parents are from, is a beautiful clean city. I was a child when I was there last so my memories are vague. I went there to gather with 300 other book authors to celebrate the publishing of our books, mine being "The Flip Flop Effect"

It was an awesome experience meeting celebrities and people from different parts of the world and being in all the hoopla. James Lafferty, Dr. John Gray, and Raymond Aaron were among the speakers. James Lafferty is the CEO of Coke Cola. His presentation was very surprising to me. Coke being the "enemy" of health in my eyes and not in my world helped me to take a different perspective. James gave me a different approach to business strategies that work and how the company has helped millions of people. His character was not what I would have expected to be of a CEO of such a large company. He is very compassionate and kind and not loud and boosterish as I would have expected, as he told his story it was very moving and inspiring.

Dr. John Gray was another keynote speaker at the event, is the author of the book "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venous “and a great motional speaker. I laughed so hard I thought that I was going to literally fall off my chair, and it went on for over an hour. Try to laugh that hard for that long. I was seated at dinner right next to him! Did I say right next to him? I was able to personally chat with him. And believe it or not he talked the whole time. He is very much into alternative health and so we had a lot in common. 

Raymond Aaron was the host of the weekend and he made everything fun and interesting. It was a great experience one I will never forget.
I received an award for completing the course and self publishing the book “The Flip Flop Effect” You can find it at www.theflipflopeffect.com or at Wausau Wellness Center.



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    Hello! When are you starting to import K1 to Europe? Best Regards Jorma Lofstrom, Pres Scandinavia
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