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  1. Hi, I'm Dr. Betty-Ann Peters a Naturopathic Physician. 

    I have been helping people with their allergies for years along with other health conditions.
    I too once had sensitivities to more foods than I dare to mention. I now am free of all symptoms from everything that I once reacted to.

    It has been very rewarding over the years to hear and see my
    patients rave about how they are feeling.

    I have never employed anything in my practice that has gotten
    such a wide range of results.

    It’s terrible to always be feeling bad. If you could only cut your head off you would feel great, maybe its in your stomach causing you pain, bloat, and gas. You might be constipated or always wondering if there is a bathroom near by, or maybe you find yourself using a rescue inhaler way too many times and finding yourself in the ER just trying to do one basic thing- breath.
    I remember going out to eat and picking from the menu, no not the menu of food, but the menu of symptoms. The question wasn’t what do I eat, but what do I want to deal with today? There was very little that I could eat so I just gave up and dealt with the symptoms. I was amazed that hours after a treatment, I had no symptoms!
    I meet many people daily in my practice suffering with allergy or sensitivity reactions to outdoor substances such as grass, pollen, etc.; Indoor substances such as dust, mold, chemicals; animals, and foods.

    I see people and children who are miserably suffering with all kinds
    of symptoms that are easy to reverse.

    The reason for reactions are not always known and all a person knows to do is block the symptoms with histamine blockers or other drugs which cause other symptoms and harmful side effects.

    How would you like to be free – to breathe without an inhaler? Eat out and
    not have to worryabout what you are eating? Free to be around animals?


    I was born with a dairy allergy and never discovered it until age 24. I suffered my whole childhood with ears, nose and throat infections. I remember being hospitalized at age 6 with an ear infection so bad that I no longer had an ear lobe. As  time went by I developed many more reactions to different foods. In my 20’s the inflammation caused me to be tired, have low stamina, foggy thinking, poor memory and infertility, to name a few.

    In my 50’s going through menopause with all the inflammation was a real trip and to put the icing on the cake I got bit by a tick and contracted Lyme disease.

    Being a Naturopathic Doctor I like to do as much in my life without the use of medications. I was doing pretty good keeping my symptoms at bay using natural supplements and diet change so when Lyme Disease entered the picture I really got mad and the challenge was on.

     I came up with a plan of treatment for the
    Lyme Disease without antibiotics.

    I was Curious to see what others have done for Lyme infection so I took to the internet. While searching various sites “lasers” popped up. Again curiosity got the best of me and low and behold a few months of more research and many phone calls later talking to doctors all around the country, I found myself with a piece of equipment which has been so valuable to me and my patients.

    I know what its like to be chained to your symptoms and
    I can tell you freedom is so much better!

    You are probably wondering what does that have to do with allergies?

    Before I get into it I want to define just what an allergy is.

    Allergies or sensitivities are an inappropriate response from your immune system. In other words it is getting a wrong signal that a substance is an invader. Resulting in an inflammatory substance that gives you your symptoms. The substance such as grass, food or animals are not hurting us and they should be neutral substance, where there should be no reaction. On the other hand a toxic chemical you want your body to react. The reaction is telling us somthing is wrong. In the case of allergies/sensitivities there should not be any reactions, so what happened.
    Let explore deeper

    Your brain is also an organ which is in control of your whole body. The subconscious part of the brain that is running your body is about 95% and only 5% is conscious. So that means that at a subconscious level (unbeknown to you) things are happening. Such as your heart is beating, you are digesting food, creating hormones, enzymes, etc.

    Since your brain is in control, if anything is detected by the 5 senses that would potentially cause a threat to the body the brain reacts first alerting every body part what to do to get ready to initiate an attack at the invader. Your are in the run away or fight mode.

    So you see the brain’s job is to keep every thing working. It is the king of your kingdom. It is always being informed by way of the 5 senses or the guards, as to what is going on inside and out side the body.

    If it needs to, in an instant it, can inform every part of your body to be on alert or initiate an attack. Everything in your environment is constantly being decided on, and the brain is always being updated, on a subconscious level, whether some thing is a friend or a foe.


    There are two parts to your autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) which works in a flip flop tandem motion to work the autonomic nervous system. When the subconscious brain decides that something is a threat to us the brain flips the switch to the sympathetic part of the nervous system on until the threat is over, then your brain can go through a rebooting process to get back to normal.

    You might have heard the term "the flight or fight system". This is what is the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system to produce the chemicals that you need to either fight an attacker or run away, be it internal such as a harmful bacteria or a car coming at you driving down the wrong way of the street. 

    The constant over stimulation of this part of the nervous system is very taxing to the body and it takes a lot of energy to keep it running. 

    Most people with allergies over time become tired have very low energy,
    their memoryand recall is compromised along with their immune system.

    If the immune system is constantly being directed to be in constant attack mode without a reboot you have a greater chance to developing an auto immune disease, which there are plenty, take your pick.

    Medications that one would use to reduce symptoms are not really changing anything but only covering up the problem and medications although important to use if in a life threatening situation, can on an on going basis weaken the body.

    Sensitivities to substances usually keep expanding into more and more things and you can come to the point where most everything will bother you whether it is in food, the air, animals, etc.

    Regardless what you have been told.

    Allergies or sensitivities are just a temporary glitch in your reactions with in the body’s energy systems.
    Your body creates different kinds of energy such as heat energy, chemical energy, and electrical energy.
    • Interferences to heat energy will result in a body temperature shift.
    • Interferences to chemical energy will result in disrupt in digestion, hormones etc.
    • Interferences to electrical energy results in a defect in relaying information by way of nerves and brain impulses to the cells of the body.

     What You may not know
    Allergies and sensitivities are activated by the immune system. If an immune system is always activated it has more of a chance of going on autopilot creating an auto immune disease.
    The longer this goes on the weaker your body becomes due to the stress and you are more predisposed to other diseases such as cancer that you will have to deal with in the future.


    Reason why doctors don’t understand this is because their focus is not to find the root cause but to treat the symptoms by way of drugs, which is how they were taught in school by either blocking (histamine blocker) or destroy something so you will not have a reaction.

    You may not be able to pin point the point of origin of your symptoms or even know what you are reacting to and it doesn’t matter. The treatment works.

    Your body has a rebooting system built in you just
    have to know how to help activate it.

    There are 3 buttons to activating your rebooting system. Rest – Relax – Refocus.

    Since stress turns on the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) then the opposite needs to be stimulated to cause a balance. Nature is all about balance. 

    If you have a disease you have an unbalance somewhere.

    The 3 R’s active the parasympathetic side of the nervous system to reboot itself so you can get out of stress mode. So the conscious can be used to help the rebooting process when it is stuck such as an allergy or sensitivity.

    Sometimes the body is so stuck such as in the
    case of allergies you need a little help.


    New modern advancements in technology combined with the old ways, have brought forth a new form of treatment that really rockets you into a healthier condition working much deeper with the subconscious brain.

    Since stress is the switch which turns on all diseases known to man
    then opposite switch would be to rest relax and refocus.

    We have trained ourselves to be stressed because of life and the pathways it has made in the brain are deep. Sometimes it takes a while to learn how to be relaxed and refocused and that’s why I love this so much, it works on stimulating the 3R’s without even thinking about it.

    No its not hypnotherapy but Bio Light Therapy

    These principles of light or energy medicine originated in the quantum physics study of Einstein. He stated that every living cell emits radiation which he referred to as the “photon emission of living cells”— or what we fittingly refer to as the AURA.  

    It has taken nearly 60 years for fellow physicists to begin to comprehend Einstein’s holistic world view of quantum mechanics, and the relationship between matter, energy and its applications in health and medicine.

    It is now known that inflammation is the cause of almost every disease.
    The two big ones being heart disease and cancer.

    Living a life with a malfunctioning body decreases productivity in school or job, decreases longevity, and decreases the quality of your life.

    Stress is involved in every negative symptom that we have, as a matter of fact I wrote a book about it called “The Flip Flop Effect”. I go more into it in the book.


    There are many places that stress can come from but stress is stress and our bodies react the same way whether it is a real threat such as someone wanting to kill us or just thinking about something someone did to us 20 years ago.

    Stress has a feedback loop to the brain so when the stress event is over body chemicals should go back to normal. When the stress switch is constantly turned on the feedback loop may get lost and even when not stressed you are stressed.

    So your brain is trying to figure out why the message isn’t coming back to turn off stress and it will try to associate something as to solve the dilemma and it will look at what is coming into the body by way of the 5 senses. It will associate what you smelled, tasted, etc. with stress. Now every time you come in contact with that substance your body will sound the stress alarm and inflammatory proteins are formed.


    If the fire alarm isn’t turned off, the constant taxing of the immune system could activate an auto immune system disease or worse.

    Here is a parable to help you understand better:

    A mother driving down the road, her child in the back seat eating an ice cream cone, when all of a sudden a car comes out of nowhere and there is an accident.

    The child’s brain is taking all this in and is trying to figure out what caused the trauma and can only decipher that dairy was entering the body so it made a connection that dairy must be a threat to her.

    Two weeks later the little girl eat dairy and gets a stomach ache. Her body connected trauma to dairy and created the symptoms as if it was happening again.  It is an auto response coming from the subconscious brain.

    Bio Light Therapy

    The Bio Light utilizes the healing power of light in a rather unique method that combines the benefits of information induction, modulated frequencies and low level light therapy placed on acupuncture points on the body to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate cellular growth and repair.

    This therapy is safe no matter what the condition or pathology is, no matter what medications the patient is on and no matter what the patient may be allergic to.  

    Due to the low level, non-thermal nature, there is no tissue destruction or other hazards that you would find associated with the higher powered lasers. It is approved by the FDA.


    If you’re tired of suffering needlessly from runny noses,  lethargy and fatigue, headaches, sinus pressure, wheezing, coughing, sneezing, digestive discomfort, musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, unsightly skin irritations and just plain feel  bad, then pick up the phone and call us or email today.

    Our office specializes in therapy that is painless, non-invasive and requires no medications. Why do over 49% of all Americans  use some form of alternative medicine? Because it works!

    This is how the treatment works, its easy and non invasive.

    Do you know how your cel phone works, really? Me either but I know how to work it. I will try to help you understand in an easy way how this works. But even if you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

    Hundreds of frequencies are imbedded into the laser. Ex: If treating for outdoor allergies the frequencies of those substances are riding on the laser light which is directed to certain points on the body that are stimulating the 3R switches on the nervous system. The body absorbs the frequencies along with the positive stimulation of the light on the point and a new association is made with that substance to produce a positive relaxed reaction therefore turning off the stress switch and breaking the negative association that was connected to that substance.

    Now when you come in contact with that substance in the future you will react as if nothing is wrong. Pretty Cool!

    If you or a loved one is suffering symptoms that are inferring and making life miserable call me for a free consult to see if you would be a candidate for such a treatment. You have to say FREE CONSULT at the time of making the appointment or you will be charged an appointment fee of $95.00. 

    The FREE consult is only 10 minutes and a treatment may have to be rescheduled at another time. Call 715 849 1299 for appointment today. You may also email us at

    If you don’t deal with your allergies today you will have to
    deal with a worse disease in the future.

    Don’t waste another day of your life in agony call now
    what you have to loose?

    Your Symptoms?

    715 849 1299
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